It iselevator-pixabay here we could tell you what we do and what machinery we can maintain. Our team is experienced in all types of maintenance regimes for all types of lifts. We believe this should be a given. We have over 80 years of experience of the lift trade in the Founders alone.

What we really want to convey is our passion for customer service, communication, looking for new ways to improve on old and dated methods of working and of course our passion for lifts.

We believe that pro-active maintenance of lifts should involve “real time” lift monitoring and it is our intention to bring this to all of the lifts we maintain. The thinking behind this, is that the lift will regularly “self check” and if there are any anomalies it will notify us via the telephone line being used for the auto-dialler. We can then log onto the lift and determine what area is affected, we can then send the correct engineer with the relevant skill sets.

The advantages to this is decreased downtime, reduces customers’ risks and actively monitors safety circuits. The requirement for this service is a telephone line but for optimum performance broadband connection.
If you are in London or the South East, please call us for more information on what we call the Unique Service options.


At Unique Lifts we pride ourselves on quality lift repairs , we fully understand it is crucial to provide flexible scheduled repair works tailored specifically to our clients’ building demands.

We offer a collaborative and involved approach to repairs and modernisation, ensuring that the customer is aware of all the options available in the current market place.

Our professional repair teams together with our processes allow us to schedule and plan all repairs to suit our clients and end user’s needs.

Repair works can be scheduled to be completed outside of normal working hours in order to reduce disruption especially to buildings that only have one lift installed.

LOLER /Insurance Inspection Reports

Two service visits per annum are dedicated to complete the statutory LOLER reported items that fall within the scope of the service agreement.

All insurance items that are covered under the terms of the service agreement are completed prior to the next inspection.

Clients are informed when the items are completed or if further time is necessary together with reasons why.

We communicate with the insurance inspectors as and when necessary.

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